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WeFreight is an innovative logistics company with a global reach, so we make it our business to stay abreast of international and regional customs clearance processing to help speed your goods across borders. Customs clearance is the most complex stage of any commodity’s international journey, and there is often little margin for error. Documentation mistakes or omissions can lead to long and costly delays at the border. Our customers trust us to help them minimise the risk of customs holdups, through meticulous, practiced management of compliance with the export and import protocols and documentation requirements at international borders.

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Customs clearance services

Before any shipment of goods can be imported or exported internationally, the goods are scrutinised by customs officials to ensure they conform to the relevant countries’ rules and regulations. Once satisfied of compliance, the customs authority will clear, or release, the shipment to travel freely across the border. To attain import customs clearance, the exporter or importer, in addition to providing correct and accurately completed documentation to customs officials, will typically be required to pay duties and perhaps taxes levied by the government of the country of import.

All goods being shipped across borders are subject to duties and tariffs that vary according to the applicable commodity (HS) code and the countries they are moving between. Customs officials use the HS code to determine what is being shipped and to apply the applicable tariffs and duties. Your local trade office should be able to provide you with more detailed information on import and export clearance.

The rates of duty differ from one commodity to another depending on what they are and where they come from. The rates also depend on the economic sensitivity of products. Contact your local trade office for more information.

In some countries, WeFreight provides customs clearance services while in others we work with specialised forwarding and clearing agents. Either way, WeFreight will ensure that your cargo is taken care of at every stage of its journey.

If you have a customs clearance agent, you may do the customs processing yourself. Import and export customs clearance is fraught with pitfalls, though, so please check with your local trade office for details of the processes involved.

WeFreight handles your customs clearance procedures from beginning to end to ensure that your goods can be imported or exported seamlessly across borders. Our customs clearance specialists reduce the risk of enroute border delays, so your shipments arrive at their final destination on time and in full.

While lists may differ from one border entry point to another, in general, goods transiting international frontiers should be accompanied by the following documents
• Packing list
• Bill of lading
• Certificate of origin
• Transport insurance certificate
• Customs invoice
• Proof of delivery

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Need integrated clearance and carriage? See our
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Need integrated clearance and carriage? See our logistics services


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