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At WeFreight, we are dedicated to propelling your business forward with unmatched global freight services. With a deep understanding of the intricate dynamics of global trade, we offer a robust portfolio of logistics products and services designed to streamline your supply chain. Our services range from ocean freight, air freight, road freight to project logistics, customs clearance, and warehousing.

Get Global Reach and Local Expertise

We navigate logistical complexities to connect your business globally. Tap into our extensive network across continents and countries, to ensure your goods move seamlessly through ocean, air, and road freight.


With a population exceeding 24 million and spanning a considerable area, Australia presents unique market challenges for businesses. Partnering with WeFreight enables you to prioritize customer engagement as we expertly manage your logistics.


Bangladesh’s booming population of over 165 million and its rapidly growing economy position it as an appealing market for numerous businesses. Benefiting from a robust export sector, WeFreight leverages local expertise to navigate the market’s complexities, ensuring your supply chain’s integrity and efficiency. Our deep understanding of global freight shipping dynamics further empowers us to streamline logistics solutions, enhancing your business’s reach and operational efficiency in Bangladesh.


China’s vast geography and a population surpassing 1.4 billion make it a prime location for sourcing and selling products. At WeFreight, our specialists focus on ensuring your cargo receives dedicated attention for swift and effective transit and distribution. As one of the leading global freight companies, we leverage our expertise in global freight forwarding to tailor solutions that meet all your logistics needs, ensuring seamless operations whether for air or ocean freight or specialized cargo requirements.


India, with its vast population of over 1.35 billion and extensive geographic reach, poses significant logistical challenges for businesses. Our team combines local insight with global network strength to meet the diverse needs of our customers across various sectors.


Indonesia’s demographic of 276 million people spread across more than 17,000 islands introduces logistical hurdles for businesses. WeFreight, your local partner, possesses the requisite experience and knowledge to navigate these challenges successfully.


Kenya, with its rapidly growing population nearing 54 million, is becoming increasingly attractive for businesses targeting its domestic market and its burgeoning role as an exporter necessitates dependable logistics. Partnering with WeFreight, companies can adeptly tackle local market complexities, ensuring smooth and compliant supply chain operations.


Malaysia’s growing population of over 32 million and strategic location offer companies opportunities in both the ASEAN and domestic markets. The geographical diversity necessitates the expertise of a local partner like WeFreight to ensure seamless movement of goods, whether for import, export, or local distribution.


Mexico’s large population of over 126 million and expansive geography present substantial market challenges. WeFreight’s expertise allows companies to concentrate on customer service while we handle the logistics, offering solutions tailored to a wide range of business needs.

Saudi Arabia

As the largest market in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia stands at a pivotal point, connecting three continents—Asia, Africa, and Europe. The strategic location of its ports demands a logistics partner with extensive experience, like WeFreight, to provide seamless logistics solutions.

South Korea

South Korea, with a population over 52 million, is renowned for its export prowess, offering both opportunities and challenges. WeFreight’s experienced team is dedicated to delivering customized services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring smooth supply chain management.


Turkey’s strategic location serves as a bridge between East and West, offering access to a vast market of 1.6 billion people. Our team of experts can help you tap into the robust domestic market.


As Southeast Asia’s second-largest economy, Thailand is central to the ASEAN Economic Community, offering excellent connections to the fast-growing CLMV countries, Malaysia, and the economic giants of China and India. Its world-class infrastructure supports a range of transportation needs, presenting unique opportunities for businesses.

United Arab Emirates

The UAE’s strategic Middle East location makes it an ideal market and transit hub for various products. Companies targeting the rapidly growing local market or expanding their Middle East operations can rely on our experienced team for comprehensive support and guidance.

United States of America

With nearly 330 million inhabitants, the United States is a major hub for the consumption and production of goods. The complexity of its logistics and supply chains is managed by WeFreight is an international freight forwarding company with an experienced team, offering a full range of products and services to accommodate businesses of all sizes.


Vietnam’s market, with over 97 million people and significant geographical breadth, poses challenges for businesses. Partnering with WeFreight, companies can ensure their logistics needs are met, allowing them to focus on customer service.


Global freight forwarding is essential for international trade as it efficiently manages the complex process of transporting goods globally through expertise in documentation, shipping routes, costs, and compliance.
Key factors influencing global freight forwarding costs are mode of transport, shipment weight/dimensions, distance, fuel prices, seasonal demand fluctuations.
Businesses can choose the right global freight forwarder through comparing industry experience, shipping routes served, compliance records, technology integration, customer service.
Technology enables global freight forwarders to provide real-time tracking, process automation, data analysis for costs, audits and finding optimal shipping routes.
Key global freight forwarding challenges faced by businesses are extensive paperwork, lack of end-to-end visibility, coordinating multiple entities, regulatory changes in trade agreements.
Businesses can optimize global freight forwarding by leveraging technology, selecting optimal routes/carriers, employing load consolidation, comparing forwarder rates, understanding incoterms.
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